Tour Diary 10/21/05

i feel it’s important to address first the fact that i was soundly beaten at rbi baseball by the extremely talented eric donnelly from the alternate routes. the bounty on his head his substantial, and interested parties should feel free to contact me at any time, preferably by way of smoke signals.

i am presently in boston doing my usual post-show cool down routine which involves abusing friendships, milking wireless internet hubs, misusing hospitality in general, and trying in vain to not spill granola and raisins all over the floor that james just mopped. tomorrow we make for new york for what will undoubtably be an in-the-park-homerun of a show with the mighty throwback and the alternate routes. after said show, nitzan and i head straight to jfk, leaving dave and misha to almost certain debauchery as we the rhythm section head for the hills of the west coast, as it were. dave and misha will follow shortly after, but, being frontmen and all, planned a little better when buying plane tickets.

for the next week, i will be spending my time with:

1) my beautiful, cuddly, wiseass girlfriend
2) my big old fat cat oscar
3) my bed complete with
4) my pillows
5) my pick of sopranos re-runs and the huge amount of six feet under i have to catch up on
6) my kitchen
7) clean clothes

this will be spectacular.

i am effectively killing james’ computer with this post, as i have spent large amounts of time staring blankly at the screen as i try to make this not sound contrived or ridiculous.

fuck it, i’m going to bed. i hope you all sleep well and if you have weird dreams about chasing alanis morrisette around in a dungeon slowly filling with water you should wake yourself up and remember that it’s ok, you’re just in boston for another night and maybe in the future you should eat corned beef hash in the morning like a normal person and then this sort of thing wouldn’t be an issue.

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