Tour Diary 11/4/05

We are in Middlebury, VT tonight. If I had to make a list of my 20 favorite movies of all time, Super Troopers would surely be on that list. It’s not top 5, nor is it top 10, but it is solidly among the top 20 movies I’ve ever seen in my life, in terms of pretty much everything. Not a day goes by that I don’t somehow, subliminally reference it, and the same can be said of my bandmates.

Which is my way of Segwaying into the fact that I GOT FUCKING PULLED OVER AGAIN BY THE VERMONT HIGHWAY PATROL, this time for going 38 MPH on a state highway that was apparently marked 25. Long story short, I had the Speechwriter werewithal to rip off my fake moustache before Officer Whatsisnuts had the chance to shine his Mag Lite into my eyes and fucking breathalyze me, and I ultimately got off with a warning, which should be its own reward, but JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, I’ve been behind the wheel for approximately eight hours while in Vermont this tour, and I’ve so far been pulled over twice, in paramilitary operations involving no fewer than five squad cars, and, to be perfectly honest, I’m starting to take it personally.

But that’s part of being on the road, I guess. Middlebury proper has been amazing to us – no shortage of beyond-friendly undergrads leading us from party to party and letting us sleep on their futons, as well as tacitly ravage their iTunes for energy and listening material. (I got an iPod Shuffle at the beginning of this tour and it’s been pretty much the greatest thing on Earth – every three or four days I’ve been able to reload it with albums I’ve been meaning to listen to forever – it’s pretty much the single best piece of technology ever manufactured.)

Anyways, here we are. It’s insanely late, so I’m going to call it a night. But know that we love you.

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