Tour Diary 11/14/05

do you remember popples? they were these stuffed animals that were seperated from your average stuffed animals by virtue of being able to fold them into themselves, making a sort of ball that inevitably got peanut butter stains on it. maybe it’s the new fully-loaded ipod, maybe it’s the 9 days in new york, maybe it’s the fact that i’ve been sick, but some combination of factors has caued me to fold inward and spend an unusual amount of time wandering around by myself, combing over street vendors wares that i will never buy and sipping cup after cup of coffee. whatever the hell that means, i’m not quite sure where i’m going with this. moving along, then…

we are in the twilight of the tour, and the potion of emotion that this reality is mixing up is bittersweet. Going out with a bang still entails going out, and the men of the llc are hard at work trying to come to terms with this. the best way invlolves belle and sebastian, smooshing cock-a-roaches, watching rome, talking to lisa, and digesting berber-style chicken in alphabet city. in all seriousness, it is very surreal being at this stage, sort of like being on the cusp between scorpio and sagittarius, i would imagine. i feel very much like i’m graduating high school again and getting ready to go to college and i feel sort of weird about that. the fact that i have been sick for the last three days and am currently pretty doped up on sudafed pm is clearly affecting my ability to post anything of any real merit, and bearing that in mind, i would ask you all to forgive me for serving up such a tedious journal entry. i promise to return when this whole mess has bled out of me and i am once again back to my normal witty and concise self. i hope you all sleep well.

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