Guest Blogger: Alex

With so many wireless signals stretching across the country Nitzan Lumer was still unable to fufill his duty this week of getting to a computer and typing out his weekly blog for the SPLLC. So, upon his request I will be filling in for him. My name is Alex and I have known Nitzan for a long ass time. Way before he became the big rock drummer you know and love today. Not being part of the band, or getting to contribute to their shenanigans I was a bit clueless as to how I would satiate you avid blog readers out there. So I thought I would tell you a funny story about the man who keeps time for the SPLLC.

One time in Mexico Nitzan was nearly arrested for taking a piss out on the street. As soon as Nitzan had put his piece away the cops snatched him up and put him in hand cuffs. I think it took about 25 dollars and much begging from a few adolescent americans to get him out of the cuffs and back on to the streets where he belongs.

Next week your beloved drummer will return with his witty and odd remarks about life, the road, and that rash he can’t quite seem to get rid of. Unitl then this is has been Alex filling in for Nitzan. Good night blog land.

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