I'm, uh, 28 now.

You’ll notice I now have a digital camera and a mirror. This is so MySpace. So now.

This is actually kind of a big birthday for me, because a disproportionate number of rock stars have died at the age of 27. Even small ones that no one’s heard of, which gave my past year’s worth of red-eye plane flights and DIY gas line repairs that added element of sweat-yourself-thin terror they would have otherwise been lacking.

I’m playing it down this year, on account of how insanely up I played it last year, but…I dunno. It’s been a good year. Thank you to everyone who supported the band and made us feel so at home, wherever we were. We’ll have new music for you, someday.

In the meantime, though, I don’t have much in the way of blog-favors, but I do want to thank you for coming, so here’s side a and side b of a short little tape I used to woo the ladies with back in the day. And listening to it now, I think I’ve finally solved the mystery of why I never got laid in college:

It isn’t very good.

But it’s earnest, and it makes for a fine, lo-fi counterpoint to all those songs about Chewbacca and Madeline Albright, if I do say so myself.

Happy June,


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