Caught In The Act

My bandmate Misha’s eyelids have this thing they do with astonishing regularity, where either one or both of them fire at the exact second someone’s taking a picture of him, thereby ruining said picture. It’s not such a big deal now that most people have digital cameras, but for the first three years of us being a band, we were able to get maybe four usable photos total, and were said to be on a widely circulated blacklist of Bands Not To Professionally Photograph Under Any Circumstances, along with Daft Punk and Alice In Chains, due to the sheer humongity of film costs associated with shooting at us.

Anyways, this is a rare, long-exposure shot of his left eyelid caught mid-blink, which I thought I’d share with everyone for sheer interest’s sake. Click to enlarge – if you dare.



PS: I put a very rough demo of “Amicus” up here. Trying to get back to my lo-fi roots and all that. User “bull”, password “moose”, if they ask you.

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