A Tale of Two Cities

Well, the dust has finally settled from Election 2006. Chellam and I parted with a handshake and a gritty embrace earlier today, at Dulles. He’s currently in the air somewhere between here and California, and I’m about to get on a plane bound for PDX.

One of us won big last Tuesday:

quit calling me macaca

One of us didn’t:

oh, the human-on-manity!

This is actually fairly typical for Chellam and I, and it’s why I traditionally seek out the candidate I believe in the least, then spend the entire cycle campaigning tirelessly on their behalf. In this case, I chloroformed young Roderick Santorum and assumed his identity just before the first returns came in.

Anyways. How are you guys? More importantly, what the fuck is going on with the LLC? And where’s that new song we promised you, like, ten days ago?

To be totally honest, I’ve had it sitting on my desktop since Halloween. (The song, not the band.) I’m going to master it when I get home. (Again, the song. Not the band.) It’s an outtake from Dave Lowensohn Dates Your Daughter, and I’ve actually kind of been kicking myself for not putting it on the CD. It’s a fine song, but that’s where it’s at.

Sorry to keep you all hanging.


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