awesome songs, irritating beard

Mixing the night away. Excited by how album is coming together. Regretting decision to not shave until it’s finished.

6 thoughts on “MMIXing

  1. Nice pacific NW beard Dave. I got one myself :)

    How does it make you feel that the first time (I’m kinda presuming, but confident it was the first time) Mraz played “I’m Yours” in public was with you guys at the Roxy? And now that song is up for a grammy tonight. Your guys’ live version of that song is still, in my opinion, the best. :)

    Anyway, cheers.

  2. What scares me the most? Not the grizzly beard, not the black moor goldfish eyes but really the painting behind you :-P

    … and bon courage


  3. So excited for the new album! I’m so glad speechies isn’t bad for you, cause i’m addicted :) but seriously, PLEASE go on tour soon, it’s been wayyyy too long!