17 thoughts on “Pretty uneventful day

  1. Can you email us when this is available online? I really want an mp3 version. THIS IS GREAT NEWS! CONGRATS LLC!

  2. I’m really loving what I’m hearing on myspace so far. Looking forward to buying MP3s. Will you sell on Amazon MP3 Downloads in addition to iTunes?

  3. You snuck up on me there! But ordered and at the ready. I absolutely cannot wait to get some more swllc love out here in Sunny California :3

  4. I have been waiting for this day for so long! Can’t wait to have get the album. Even more excited for all the tour dates in VA :)

  5. There is just one problem… you say the album release party is Friday March 14. Well. That’s not quite possible. Its either Friday March 13, or Saturday March 14. And if its Friday, I might just be able to make it. Saturday, not so much. So I vote for Friday.

  6. Whoops – thanks for catching that. That’d be Saturday, March 14. And yes, Scott, we’ll have MP3s everwhere. Here’s a partial list: http://cdbaby.net/dd-partners – there’s always a bit of a lag, but our last album eventually made it to something like 60 distributors, including such household names as InProdicon and MPGreek.

  7. You know before I started listening to this new album I was actually planning on doing something other than drinking iced chai and listening to Southern Californi on repeat all day. Now it escapes me why… :)

  8. Really amazing stuff. I’m sad that Seattle lost its 20-some second introduction, though. I miss the guitar intro! But overall, really great! Recommending to many.