• What is Speechwriters LLC? 
    We’re a band. Wikipedia has the full story, while our press kit is shorter and sexier.
  • What do you sound like? 
    Sometimes an acoustic duo, sometimes a full band with electric guitars. Check out our Music page for links to everything we’ve ever done. If you just want a hot quick fix, download our free album-length Mixtape 2010.
  • Where can I find your lyrics? 
    If you don’t want to become part of a Kremlin botnet, you can find them attached to individual songs on Bandcamp.
  • We need to talk. How can I reach you? 
    If you just want to hang out, we’re usually sort of lurking near our Facebook wall. If you want to contact us directly, try one of these. Sometimes we’re slow getting back – don’t read too much into it. Rock & roll lifestyle, etc.
  • I want to buy your things. All of them. 
    You’re making us blush. Bandcamp is your best bet for one-stop music & merch, but if you just want the tunes, you can find us on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and Spotify. We’re also in a handful of independent record stores, but that’s kind of a crapshoot, as we self-distribute.
  • I want to use your music in my [movie/a capella group/video game/etc.] 
    Please do! All of our music is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 license, so as long as you’re not making money off it, we don’t need much more than a shout-out. If the usage is for-profit, drop us a line. We administer our own publishing and are usually happy to license our music.
  • I heard you guys are taper-friendly. Do you have an official taping policy I can point to if someone hassles me while you’re on stage? 
    Yes! This is an increasingly rare occurrence, but you can find our whole taping policy in the “Rights” section of our page at Archive.org.
  • I like you guys. What can I do to help? 
    We have a street team! You should join it. The work is minimal, but the rewards are also minimal. Drop us a line & we’ll get you started.