Another Tour Diary 10/21/05

My god, I must be Dave’s brother since I haven’t updated this thing in weeks (I was kind of hoping he would once again take the helm). Hopefully everybody’s band-blogging needs have been satiated by the boys (don’t say what I just said to your parents, they’ll think you’re talking dirty), and that everyone has been able to see the guys as they’ve made their way around the eastern portion of the country. Talked to Dave earlier today, and he told me he’s looking forward to a nice little week off between shows and making their way back to the west coast.

The bay area is treating me well, I’ve got the day off work today (for the first time in 2 months), and I’ve gotta say the break is lovely. I’d also like to urge people to go out there and get your flu shot, because frankly there’s no reason not to (unless of course you’re allergic to eggs).

I promised myself I’d never do this on the blog, but I thought I’d point people in the way of a few very cool little websites to whet their appetites of knowledge and entertainment:


“im Bumgardner (the creator of the Flickr Colr Pickr) sends word of his latest project, ‘an experimental interface for browsing thru about 3500 science fiction book covers from the Visual Index of Science Fiction Cover Art (VISCO). The covers are arranged horizontally by time, and vertically by cover. Position the mouse over a micro-thumbnail to see a normal-sized thumbnail. Click the thumbnail to see the full-sized cover.’

This thing is awesome, and if you’re into cool art without having to navigate strenuous browsing, this is for you.


This is an article about how the band “The Presidents of the United States of America” (remember them, from the late ’90s?) filmed a music video using nothing but camera phones. The story is a good read, and even better there’s a link for the video at the bottom. Needless to say it’s pretty cool, even if you don’t like the song.

Have a good weekend, get outside and enjoy the last throws of summer.

Well, it appears my brother is a criminal. I can’t say I’m suprised. I guess I’ve always known ever since that time we free-based outside a synagogue…

Okay that’s not true, but it could be.

That brings me to the next point, technology and it’s effect on human beings. In my line of work, I deal with aggrivating technology on a daily basis and work yesterday was no different. If you’ve ever dealt with password encrypted PDFs, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Somehow having the tools to do something, but not being able to do it just makes people go crazy. Beyond that, my computer’s been in the shop for a week and managed to crap out after I spent the better part of my free time in the course of a week scanning in pictures for my sister’s birthday, only to try to show the slideshow to my brother-in-law and have the thing note even be able to start up.

The moral of the story of course is to wear leather clothing and live in rural Kentucky.

Moooovin’ on up

Hey everybody. I’m writing to you from my new digs in North Oakland, CA, which partially explains my state of mind. Hopefully the boys have kept you engaged enough to function and get your SWLLC fix. I spent all weekend moving and let me tell you, there’s nothing like having a truck to use because my 2-door civic just don’t cut it. When moving in college I often had images of clown cars as well as the Grizzwald stationwagon flash through my mind trying to fit 25 boxes into 20 square feet of space in addition to making room for a driver.

Moving into an apartment…well it was more like doing that three times over and still having a bunch of stuff that just isn’t going to fit no matter how large the vehicle.

Enough about me, should be a good week. More updates to come, in the meantime I have to go buy a shower organizer *shudder*