Tour Diary 10/20/05

Right now I am hurting so bad that words can’t really explain how I feel. But what I do know is that we played in Bridgeport, Connecticut last night. This is the hometown of our comrades the Alternate Routes so we reaped all the benifits, including free drinks and free toilet paper. But seriously my head feels like it got ran over by our van and all I want to do is sleep in my bed which is about 3,000 miles away. Its really sad but this is all a test of strength and stomach toughness which I am failing. If there is one thing to be learned from all this its that Bridgeport is a hell of a town where you can play your music, get subway stamps, and get rejected by shady massage parlors. I miss you California. “The rise of house music, the fall of apartheid, coincidence or not?”

Tour Diary 10/16/05

I’m sitting in the beautiful home of Jack’s best friend Brett and his girlfriend Amanda while trying to find inspiration for an epic blog. But you know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. So I guess this will be worth three thousand words. And I would put pictures of everyone but this is my blog, so it’s all Nitzan.

the jagermeister


nitzan vs. washington dc

It seems like the last couple of days have been relatively uneventful and since I consider this blog a tool to summarize events of the LLC and not just give my opinion on why I hate cats or love penguins I’m sticking to my guns. Today was the rainiest day of the tour. Luckily, we don’t have shows, I know that doesn’t sound right so maybe luckily is the wrong word, but we have a few days off so we’re in New York. While the singer-songrwriters of the group are staying at Rocker-Producer extordinare Adam Richman’s house, the rhythym section resides in Brooklyn. Jack is staying in another part of Brooklyn but its good to know that he’s on this side of the river. Anyways, today was an awful day for walking but I had the keys to the beast (our van) which after some investing is good to go with a new oil filter and transmission fluid. So basically I drove around with my buddy Paul and he showed me all the sites. I got to see some authentic off-track horse betting, Polish women which I couldn’t look at because of the strong presence of a mafia, a sort-of main street area which had an abundance of stores which sold diapers, jewlery, wigs, and delicous chitlings. I also got to see the Marcy Housing Project which is the home of rapper Jay-Z (whats up baby) and Notorious B.I.G (RIP). So I feel like I had quite an amazing day. All this without having to even get out of the comfort of our beautiful van. So basically its all about the van, its our home, its our life, we love you. I also hate cats but I won’t write about it, if anyone really wants to know my opinions about felines I’ll gladly discuss them, but the tour diary is a sacred blog and I plan on keeping it that way. Respect.