Love / Song

High school is and was a special place for we of the LLC, and, as such, we try to respect the sacred space cordoned off therein, keeping reality away from teenagers and teenagers away from reality as much as we humanly can. But tonight we have to break with this (heretofore) unwritten rule and encourage every man, woman, and child who’s reading this in time to make a pilgrimage to Portland’s Lincoln High School, because their theater department is currently running a truly awesome show.

We’re a little biased, in that our good friend Liam Kaas-Lentz is the director and one of our songs is featured in the show, but it’s a pretty ballsy piece of devised theater from the 14-18 year old set, and we can’t praise it enough.

Go art! Go kids! Go deconstructionist theatrical karaoke!

Monster Camp

Monster Camp Our “official” writeup is still a few days away, but Monster Camp, arguably the best movie ever made about LARPing, has been blowing up the festival scene since its world premiere last week in California. This is newsworthy not just because it’s a great film, but also because we scored it. Details are, again, still very much up in the air, but know that a soundtrack will almost definitely be released, and it will almost definitely include a song called “Sea of Foaming Hell.” Which we wrote. Check out the trailer.