Free EP – coming soon

hi myspace friend,

happy holidays! we’re writing you today because we have a new EP available for download, and it’s free.

about a month and a half ago, our myspace account got deleted. like, completely wiped off the face of the internet, and we’re still not sure why. our online operations ground to a screeching halt, as we realized we no longer had any way of letting the friends we’d made on myspace know about upcoming shows, albums, and other mission-critical band stuff.

it was pretty awful.

then one morning, just before thanksgiving, it came back. like, all the way back – friends, favorites, the whole nine yards. and we said to ourselves, “you know, we should really make sure this never happens again.”

so we’ve recorded four new songs, and on december 15th, we’re giving them away for free. the catch? we’d like you to sign up for our actual, real-world email list:

you have our word that we’ll *never* share your information with anyone outside the band. we just want to make sure we can find you when our next album comes out, which is sooner than you’d think.


thanks for reading, and enjoy the rest of your day.


dave and misha