T-Shirt Fever

SWLLC T-Shirt Girrlequin We forgot to mention it in the email, but for anyone just wanting a t-shirt, fill out this form and leave a note in the comments box saying you don’t want any of the other stuff. They’re $15, which includes shipping.

UPDATE: The whole Everything Pack can still be purchased at www.speechwritersllc.com/holiday – we just took it off the front page because it’s not really front page material anymore.

Running On Vapors

Wow, we just realized that our online store is woefully understocked. Who knew?

“Stock your damn store who can buy anything when u dont have small t-shirts there.” -Xavior

Answer: Xavior. Anyways, we’ve been meaning to move everything over to our new system for a while now, so I guess this is as good a time as any. In the meantime, click here to buy our CD from CDBaby, and/or click here to play T-shirt roulette over at Awarestore. New links will be up shortly, and they will blow your mind.