Please Join Our Cult(s)

Misha and I were looking at our Facebook and Twitter pages this morning. They’re pretty cool, we said to ourselves, but…man. They’d be great if they had a few more fans. Like, really next-level great. Vin Diesel great.

So we figured we’d bribe you into following/fanning us with a totally unreleased and never-before-heard studio MP3 from the Indifferent Cities sessions. (Don’t bother clicking that link, it’s just text we turned blue and underlined.)

Here’s the deal: everyone who befollows/befans us on:




…will be beTweeted/beFaced with four and a half minutes of audio awesomeness come mid-September. (Again, ignore that link, we’re just being jerks.) Everyone who doesn’t, won’t.

Cool? Cool. Let the games begin.