Tour Diary 11/12/05

We’ve been in New York City for almost a week now and although I’m ready for our last week of shows this has been the best NYC experience I’ve had thus far. Last time I was here I got my jacket stolen which had my cell phone it and that really chapped my ass. I mean who steals a jacket? It wasn’t that nice and it probably wouldn’t fit them due to my huge frame. But it was losing my cell phone that broke this drummer’s back. I’ve already lost a hoodie and very expensive face wash. I think I would rather lose my passport, shoes, and diamond incrusted IPOD than my cell phone. But it happened and I got a new phone and I’m back in the city that stole my old one. If theres a lesson to be learned from all this its that Nitzan Lumer losses a lot of things, but I’m not a loser. I’m the Larry David of this band and have bad luck but this is just one of the many important things I’ve learned about myself and my comrades during this tour. Dave is Harry Potter, Jack is the Nectar God, Misha is a cross between Ari Hest (he’s got a beard now) and Dalsim from Street Fighter 2 and I’m a cross between Guile from Street Fighter 2 and Don Henley and a little Larry David. How about it?

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