We Are No Longer Selling This CD For Gas Money

Hi guys. We just noticed that we’ve, uh, been away for a while. It’s nothing personal – we just took a couple of days off at the end of our last tour, and then suddenly we looked up and noticed it was January. This happens every winter; we’ve been told by medicine and science that this makes us “deciduous.”

Anyhow, we figured we’d ring in what is now the Chinese New Year by giving you, our dedicated listeners, the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to download our fall tour souvenir, “We Are Selling This CD For Gas Money,” in its entirety, for free.

Why? Because gas prices have come down a lot since September, especially where we live. And because we understand that part of being a band is making your music available for people to listen to, especially those who already like you or probably would, if given the opportunity. It’s taken us five long years to wrap our heads around this, but we finally get it.

Speaking of which, Speechwriters LLC is officially five years old this week. We don’t really have anything planned, as we used up most of our social capital on the 100th Birthday Party and subsequent two and a half months of touring, but these annual bandiversaries are always cause for us to step back and make sure that you, dear listener, know just how much we love you, and how utterly screwed we’d all be if you and your friends hadn’t discovered us when you did.


The Band

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