FrICTION, Monster Camp on the Cheap

It feels a little crass to hawk merch right here on the front page, but here we are.

We helped score another movie for our friends at Hyrax Films. This one’s called FrICTION, and Dave will be playing at the premiere later this month (more info here). Our marketing department told us to celebrate by putting our last collaboration up for sale, so here it is:

Monster Camp sale

Click the picture for details. We maintain that Monster Camp is the best movie about live action roleplaying ever made, and the soundtrack will answer questions you didn’t even know you had.

Sale ends 2/23, so get ’em while they’re hot.

PS: Happy Valentine’s Day.

PPS: Here’s the website & trailer for FrICTION.

Saturday Morning

Not sure how much you know about alligator reproduction, but Misha and I know a lot. We’re almost experts at it. Specifically, we know that when a she-alligator is ready to drop, she lays something like 40 eggs at a time. This isn’t because alligators like having a lot of kids; rather, over the course of the last 200 million years, alligators have come to understand that most of their babies will be eaten before they’re old enough to really do anything.

So it is with independent filmmakers, which is why we generally license our music to several films each year and, with all due respect to the auteurs, never expect any of them to make it out of the swamp.

It was therefore a pleasant surprise to hear that Saturday Morning got picked up by Vivendi Entertainment, which is one of the six companies that control pretty much everything in the world.

We have to confess that we haven’t actually seen the film, but according to

  • It stars Joey Piscopo, whose demo reel is second only to that of Sarah Skeeters;
  • It has our music in it;
  • It’s “fun for both men and women.”

We get behind all of these things. Not to mention, it brings us (and, by extension, you) several degrees of Kevin Bacon closer to Ted Danson. What have you got to lose?