It’s past midnight and here I am at a Kinko’s in Chicago for the second time since I woke up. Trying feebly to undo the damage I did this very afternoon, just 2.7 miles to the west. Tour’s going well, Madison and Chi-town have definitely been rubbing us the right way and we’d be sad to leave them even if it didn’t entail waking up in five hours and driving to North Carolina. Also, if the people we meet keep being as unbelievably cool as they have been, we run the terrible risk of turning into a bunch of gushing saccharine touchy-feelies, so if you’re further east than St. Louis, please do us a favor and start adjusting your attitudes accordingly. We’re supposed to be cynical bleeding poets of the world here, not well-fed VIP houseguests.

Also, here are some new MP3s as a special treat for those of you who actually bother to wade through this crap.

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