i have had a wonderful day even though beacon vintage in brooklyn didn’t have any cool show shirts in my size. any day where you can have a falafal sandwich with hummus, no pickles and hot sauce from oasis on bedford is a wonderful day. old friends and good food and words like “babysnakes” and strong coffee have made this a wonderful day. having my mamma roll into town on business with room in her suite at the waldorf-astoria for her son who has misplaced his bathroom bag has made this a wonderful day. also there is a bathtub and a fluffy robe and potentially room service when it comes time for breakfast. also she brought me new bass strings which is fantastic. the red sox will win tomorrow, so tomorrow is sure to be a wonderful day as well, but to get there i must sleep and i am fucking exhausted from all this wonderfulling and the drive from boston last night where i saw rick and got to laugh a lot and the sox won and all this other stuff that i would love to discuss with you later over coffee but now i’m all warm from the bath and it’s time for bed so goodnight and congratulations to james frey who i love and happy birthday to jess who is a sassy sally and i hope you all sleep well.

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