Tour Diary 11/7/05

So I know its been a while since I’ve blogged and that collectively the band hasn’t been as good about blogging on the second half of the tour. The truth is that it is difficult to come up with creative blogs when we’re coming back to the same places and at the end of the day blogging is the last thing I want to do. We don’t have it that easy. It is true that we all ride in seperate limo’s and ask for rediculous favors like drinking Cambodian breast milk at 3 in the morning. But being a rock star isn’t all about decadence and luxury. Sometimes we have to rought it up. This last week found me sleeping on a couch 5 out of 7 nights. The other two nights found me sleeping on cashmeire sheets, with a goose-down comforter, and a chin-chila pillow, but that doesn’t mean much to me. I prefer silk sheets, a duck-feather comforter, and a pillow made of nutria (go to to learn about the adorable little animals). I’m kidding, but seriously. The low blog post output is a direct reflection of our busy scheduales and our limited interaction with one another (I don’t see Dave or Misha until seconds before we take the stage. JK!, LOL, MDC, MPM, DLS). We will overcome this dry spell and create blogs that you never thought were possible. In the words of my hero Phil Collins “I can hear it calling in the air tonight, hold on. And I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life.”

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