Please Join Our Cult(s)

Misha and I were looking at our Facebook and Twitter pages this morning. They’re pretty cool, we said to ourselves, but…man. They’d be great if they had a few more fans. Like, really next-level great. Vin Diesel great.

So we figured we’d bribe you into following/fanning us with a totally unreleased and never-before-heard studio MP3 from the Indifferent Cities sessions. (Don’t bother clicking that link, it’s just text we turned blue and underlined.)

Here’s the deal: everyone who befollows/befans us on:




…will be beTweeted/beFaced with four and a half minutes of audio awesomeness come mid-September. (Again, ignore that link, we’re just being jerks.) Everyone who doesn’t, won’t.

Cool? Cool. Let the games begin.

13 thoughts on “Please Join Our Cult(s)

  1. i think those of us that have been with you forever, subscribe to the website RSS feed, but do not have either facebook or twitter accounts should also qualify. loyal, longtime fan, but not interested in setting up social networking accounts.

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