Full disclosure: We’re not actually running for US Senate. At least, not this term. We were going to, but then we supposedly forgot to sign the registration form and blah blah blah. But your car doesn’t have to know that.

In fact, your car might even need a few square inches of vinyl to hold its back end together, once you start rocking this through the subs:

That is, again, the late/great Ted Roosevelt, tireless champion of domestic bear preservation and unwitting posthumous mascot of The Bull Moose After Party. The BMAP is both our hastily assembled 527 and our brand new album, the latter of which is officially on pre-sale at Awarestore as of this very day.

Words cannot express how excited we are to finally have a new album in hand. The words “very” and “extremely” come close, but miss a lot of the subtlety and flavor. As a result, Misha and I are taking the month of September to shake what God gave us across much of America, the specific dates of which can now be found here.

And there’s more, but this is already a lot for one sitting, so we’ll stop now and pick up again once everybody’s back from vacation. Thank you for your attention, and please remember to vote BMAP this November, for both your children’s shining tomorrow and a better than average yesterday.

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