Moooovin’ on up

Hey everybody. I’m writing to you from my new digs in North Oakland, CA, which partially explains my state of mind. Hopefully the boys have kept you engaged enough to function and get your SWLLC fix. I spent all weekend moving and let me tell you, there’s nothing like having a truck to use because my 2-door civic just don’t cut it. When moving in college I often had images of clown cars as well as the Grizzwald stationwagon flash through my mind trying to fit 25 boxes into 20 square feet of space in addition to making room for a driver.

Moving into an apartment…well it was more like doing that three times over and still having a bunch of stuff that just isn’t going to fit no matter how large the vehicle.

Enough about me, should be a good week. More updates to come, in the meantime I have to go buy a shower organizer *shudder*

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